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JMT 2012

JMT -- August 2014

Pictures from 2011

Mt Whitney Trip - August 2011

Ebbetts Pass to Carson Pass Trip August 2011

Weekend Backpacking Trips in the Carson Pass Area


Indonesia Nov-Dec 2009

Rae Lakes Loop Trip Deptember 12-14 2009


Backpacking 2009

Clinton Cleanup October 18, 2009

The Entire John Muir Trail - August 2008

John Muir Trail August-September 2008

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Socorro SCUBA Trip Jan 2007

Sun Stuff

Stephanie Moves Back to Stanford And Has A Birthday

Time Lapse Photography

Day Hikes

The Gate Phone Project -- FINISHED!!!

Turks & Caicos June 2007

Turks & Caicos June 2007 - Robert's Pix

My Mega Remodeling Project of 2006

New Nikon Pictures

Our Backpacking Trip -- August 2006

Pictures from the JMT - 2006

Picnic Information

Satellite Dish Installation

Quadratic Equation Solver

Honduras Vacation

Monica's Birthday!

My Parrot